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Spoke length non-gear side: Spoke length gear side: Sapim cannot be held liable or responsible in respect of the use of this online calculator, data entered, nor for the results produced by any party using this online calculator, nor for any decisions taken based upon those results Sapim Spoke Bulk CX-Ray Straight Pull Black Bladed 268 - GICR1426800 ZO- SAP1104. $3.60 $ 3. 60. $5.95 shipping. Juland 72 PCS Alloy Spoke Nipples Bike Spoke Nipples End Tips Nipples End Caps Wheel Spoke Nipples Decor for Mountain Road Bicycles 14G - Gold. 4.2 out of 5 stars 14. $10.49 $ 10. 49 The Leader is Sapim's straight gauge, general purpose, bombproof stainless steel spoke available in 2.0mm diameter. Intended for every day use, these spokes are produced using top quality materials. All spokes are sold individually and nipples are not included. Spokes are cut to length & threaded to order, whic Sapim - Spokes and nipples since 1893. Professionals and amateurs alike trust in the reliable spokes and nipples made by Sapim. These are not only characterized by the use of high-quality materials but stand also for technical know-how in wheel construction

Sapim Super Spoke The lightest steel spoke ever made. The Sapim Superspoke was developed after a proposal by tune for extra light wheels. (contrary to the picture the spokes have bent heads) A new grade of stainless steel enables Sapim to reduce the diameter of the spoke, whilst increasing its strength and fatigue resistance Sapim CX-Ray 14g Bladed Spoke - Black - Bag/20 No Nipples. Bladed (2.2mm flat) 14g spoke Almost as light as titanium with unbelievably high fatigue test results Produced from high-tensile, fatigue-resistant read mor Pillar or Sapim Spokes for Carbon Wheel. 2016-07-15 00:00:41 CarbonBikeKits Composite Technology Co., Ltd. Read . The Pillars 1423 offer great performance at an affordable price. We also offer the option to upgrade your build to Pillar 1420 or Sapim CX-Ray spokes - for those who want more strength and performance. GOOD. Pillar 1423 Autorizovaný predajca Giant, Fox Racing, Alpinestars, Avid, Camelbak, Shimano, Sram Prowheelbuilder.com specializes in configurable bicycle wheel builds. Select your choice of bicycle wheel related components and Prowheelbuilder expertly assemble them into a safe and reliable wheel(s)

Sapim Force Spokes. The Sapim Force spoke is one of the strongest spokes made today. It's strong cause it's extra beefy at the J-bend. 13 gauge vs 14 gauge of a normal spoke. That makes it 33% stronger at the J-bend, which is the number one place spokes fail. If it's stronger in the place of highest failure, that's a good thing Price quotations; Legal German VAT (16%) is included in all prices. Those customers living outside of the EU are exempt from this tax. Additional charges may occur for the shipping and packaging of some items, depending on dispatch type, destination and value of the goods The Sapim CX-Ray still receives one of the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile

Sapim Spoke Bulk Cxray Straight Pull Black Bladed 274 - GICR1427400 ZO- SAP1104. $3.60 $ 3. 60. $5.95 shipping. Sapim Spoke Bulk Cxray Black Bladed 268 - GICR1426800 ZOI- SAP1103. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $8.99 $ 8. 99. More Buying Choices $3.60 (2 new offers The Sapim Strong is the strongest spoke in Sapim's product range, developed for heavy-duty wheels such as those on tandems, eBikes or cargo bikes. It is the recommended spoke for large-hole hubs. Smaller sizes of the Sapim Strong are well suited to Bromptons and other folding bikes. These spokes are available in 1mm increments, from 50mm to. Sapim style marking of PHIL on the shank of the spoke adjacent to or short of the head. Marking is on the outside or away from the head and is read by holding the spoke with the threads oriented up and the head hanging down and away. Spoke is of semi-polish finish for plain stainless steel. Universal Common Knowledge Pilla

CX-Ray is Sapim's most versatile aero spoke. Sapim claims the CX-Ray has the highest fatigue test values of any spoke available. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most high-end bicycle disciplines from road racing to Triathlon and even Downhill The strongest spoke in Sapim's range - perfect for tandems, eBikes and Bromptons Sapim's butted spokes have two big advantages: less weight, more stability! The Sapim Race is the most popular butted spoke. Less torsion and less elasticity than the laser spokes. Thanks to its thin middle section, the Race offers better damping characteristics than standard spokes

Spokes: SAPIM Spoke D-Light Straightpull black 290 mm - SAPIM Spoke D-Light Straightpull black 286 mm - SAPIM Spoke D-Light Straightpull black 300 mm - SAP Sapim CX-Ray J-bend spokes £ 2.60 Choose an option 252mm 253mm 254mm 255mm 256mm 258mm 259mm 260mm 261mm 262mm 263mm 264mm 265mm 266mm 267mm 268mm 269mm 270mm 271mm 272mm 273mm 274mm 275mm 276mm 277mm 278mm 279mm 280mm 281mm 282mm 283mm 284mm 285mm 286mm 287mm 288mm 289mm 290mm 291mm 292mm 293mm 294m Spoke Tension. One of the most misunderstood things about wheel building is that people relate spoke tension to wheel stiffness. They are not related. Even the Sapim website (unfortunately) refers to this and it was a regular practice for teams to use lower spoke tensions at the cobble classics to ease the jarring

Sapim spoke range explained If you would like to purchase any spokes through us or would like any help in choosing the correct spoke for a wheel you would like us to build for you, please get in touch. Below is an overview of the spokes we offer and what applications they are best suited [ Sapim nipple freeze - spoke prep 10 ml £11.99 Sapim polyax brass nipples -silver or black x100 12mm, 14mm or 16mm long £5.99 Silver Sapim Laser double butted spokes MTB Road stainless steel 2.0 1.5 2.0mm From £8.40. Sapim's lightweight, bladed spoke. $ The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile Sapim Spoke Hub Washers - Pack of 500. In Stock. £21.99 Inc VAT Quick view. DT Swiss PHR Washers - Pack of 100. Out Of Stock. £19.99 Inc VAT Quick view. Sapim Polyax nipples BLACK Plated Brass 2mm gauge - Pack of 100. In Stock. £12.99 Inc VAT. Sapim use different grade of steel, different diameters, heads, surfaces and, of course, length. Producing with care and on highest quality standards Sapim offer the widest range in the market. All Sapim's spokes are made in the Europe and more specifically in Belgium and France. What is a spoke

14/16g Sapim Race Black Stainless Steel Butted Spoke Only - No Nipple - Pack Of 6. In Stock. £5.99 Inc VAT Quick view. 14/17g DT Revolution Stainless Steel Double Butted 2/1.5 mm Spoke with 12 mm Brass Nipple - Pack Of 6. In Stock. £5.99. Spoke length calculator review By Roger Musson, Last update 19 Jan 2020. I'm going to look at some of the popular online spoke length calculators, and check the method they use to calculate the spoke lengths. If you know that a calculator has been changed, then please let me know and I'll update the review. The spoke length formul Sapim hails from Belgium. A spoke manufacturer founded by Herman Schoonhoven at the end of WW1 in 1918. 2018 marks a century of innovative production, and I am sure a lot of unique expertise has been gained over those many decades. So what is it that separates Sapim from it's competition Polyax washers (7.5mm diameter, 0.7mm thick) offer less reinforcement but feature a machined cup profile that matches Sapim nipples for low friction and improved nipple angle. MS washers (7.7mm diameter, 1.0mm thick) have a generic V-shape cup on top and a stiff, flat base only suitable for rims with flat spoke beds

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  1. We uses only the best spokes from Sapim and a couple of quality bicycle wheel spoke manufacturers
  2. Sapim's spoke washers are designed to fit between the spoke head and hub flange, improving the fit between the two. Spoke head washers are recommended for use with thin hub flanges or long elbow spokes. Sapim's washers are particularly thick, making them useful when the fit between flange and spoke is especially poor
  3. Spoke nipples 18mm. Pricing. OUR PRICE £0.12. SAPIM. CX-Ray. Pricing. MSSP £3.25. OUR PRICE £2.40. SAPIM. Leader Black If you need more than 20 spokes you can adjust the quantity at the checkout page. Nipples are included. Pricing. OUR PRICE £0.70. SAPIM. Leader Silver If you need more than 20 spokes you can adjust the quantity at the.
  4. um Nipples. $0.49. Sapim. Sapim Race J-Bend Spokes - Black. $1.10. Sapim. Sapim Race J-Bend Spokes - Silver. $1.00. Sapim. Sapim Spoke Washers. $0.12

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Sapim's flagship is aerodynamic spoke CX Ray. Besides its elliptical flat shape it boasts a very low weight and high elasticity. In its core it is a round 1,5mm Sapim Laser spoke that has been rolled and thus acquired its aero shape and extra elasticity Like it says, the strongest spoke in Sapim's product range. The Strong is developed for specifi c and heavy usage such as tandem, e-bikes or heavy load use. In case of large hub holes, the Strong is the recommended choice Full Range of Bike Spokes at Chain Reaction Cycles. Buy Bike Wheel Spokes with Free Worldwide Shipping Available

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Sapim Spokes (13G) Sapim are World famous for making 1 of the best spokes you can buy. Now we have Sapim Spokes (13G) straight spokes in standard silver finish and also black finish (nipples are silver). The black finish is very hard wearing, but does add a significant cost to the standard finish spoke One step from the very top of the tree in Sapim's double butted, stainless steel spoke line. The Laser is a top flight spoke ready to help you build an incredible wheelset. Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 273 g Strength on middle section: 1500 N/mm2 Double butted 2.0-1.5-2.0m Spoke Selection: All of our wheels are built with a bladed spoke mated to our brass internal nipple. We use Sapim CX-Ray spokes for our builds, and wheels are built with uniform spokes. There are a few exceptions to this. Our M930 wheel is built DT Swiss Competition spokes or Sapim Force spokes. The Foundation AM30 uses Sapim Race spokes Fat Bike, offset and some carbon rims require corrections prior to calculating the spoke length. See the Spoke Length Calculation Help page for specifics. Information will open in a new tab. Spoke Calculator does not calculate length for straight pull spokes

Sapim Laser Spoke. If you're like most riders, you rarely if ever think about spokes. But if you to tend to lose sleep thinking about bottom bracket height, chainstay length, or reach measurements, and your hair is going grey from stressing over wheel size, then it would be worth your time to think a bit more about the least sexy component on your bike: spokes Get the best deals on Sapim Spoke Nipples when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices Stainless steel spokes cutted to proper size for bicycles, electric bikes, motor bikes. Made of wire in thickness of 2.0mm, 2.3mm, 2.6mm, 3.0mm, 3.4mm, 3.9mm, 4.4m Sapim nipples are designed and manufactured in Belgium. A perfectly designed and manufactured nipples is a secret of a well mounted wheel. The interface between spoke and nipple is highly important for the durability of a wheel 14g (2.0mm) Sapim Leader silver stainless spokes, an all round value for money silver spoke 2mm thick throughout its length 30 mm to 310mm lengths available, supplied with Sapim 12mm silver brass nipples 45p each. U pgrade nipples to black or other style? (Choose from nipple upgrades section of the website). Spoke key 3.3mm GREE

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10 Brass Reducers Spoke Nipples Sapim 14 mm 2,34 mm Thread Black (14G) £2.44. £12.68 postage. Sapim Polyax *16mm* Straight ALLOY Spoke Nipples for Bicycle SILVER pack of x 6. £2.19. Click & Collect. £1.99 postage. Get a Christmas deal . You'll love these great savings. Shop now Most 'standard' wheels are built with a traditional three-cross (3x) spoke pattern - laced in such a way that each spoke passes either under or over three others between the hub and the rim. (Burlier wheels (e.g. BMX) may use a 4x lace, while lighter race hoops may use a 2x or 1x lacing pattern to save weight by using shorter spokes. Alex Warwick Cycles have a selection of Sapim spokes and nipples always available. S pokes are custom cut and threads rolled to your requirements. Gauges available 12g, 13g, 14g, 15 Description. BZ Carbon Wheels - BZ Revo Carbon (Rim) + BZ BD01/02 (Hub) + SAPIM Leader Spokes (Spoke) Is a set of carbon wheels created by our experienced mechanics, specially for Birdy upgrade; 51 engagement with 3 pawls, provide you a feeling that your power is transferred to the ground a split second faster when you resume pedalin Huge range of quality bike spokes and nipples. Top brands, enormous range of sizes, pillar,aero, black, silver, stainless...PLUS Everyday Low Prices On ALL Cycling Parts & Bike Accessories @ www.bicyclestore.com.au Shop Safe & Secure 24/7 Online Australi

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Super light Best Spoke Sapim Cx-ray Aero Stainless Steel Spokes. New (Other) C $45.45 to C $239.24. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Was: Previous Price C $252.69. CYCLING Sapim. Postage and delivery; Contact Us; sign in; registration 379 482 362 Mo - Fr: 9 - 17. Shopping cart. 0,00 €. Sapim CX Ray spokes. Sapim says: The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile Sapim is on a quest to find the perfect spoke and works with the universities of Leuven and Ghent, spending countless hours researching ways to improve its product. And their efforts are paying off! Sapim has managed to develop spokes that are stronger as well as lighter

Sapim nipples are available in brass as black or silver and anodized colors for aluminum (black, red, blue, green, gold, orange, or violet). Sapim nipples feature their special poly-axial shaped head, that works as a ball-joint interface with the rim in order to improve the alignment of the spoke, (compared to the simple tapered design of. Sapim D-Light Spokes $ 25.00 High quality double butted spokes 2.0/1.65/2.0 (14g) These are basically classic 14g double butted spokes but they have looked to try and keep the weight down by narrowing the center gauge and by keeping that butting as close to the ends of the spokes as possible Sapim Straight 13g Spoke, Silver . USD$1.50 As low as USD$0.90. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Sapim Strong 13-14g Butted Spoke, Black . USD$2.00 As low as USD$1.10. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Sapim Strong 13-14g Butted Spoke, Silver . USD$1.50 As low as USD$0.90. Add to Cart.

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Spoke calculator. Hub data Unknown. Rim data Unknown. Calculate! How to measure. Blog. Wheel. Search criterias: Sapim Kerék. 1. page (1-4) 4 products List results. 1. Sapim D-Light W/ nipple spoke. 396 Ft 10 % 3. Sapim Leader 2,0mm black w/ nipple spoke. from 150 Ft 48 % 2. Sapim Leader 2.0mm w/ nipple spoke Spoke nipples - alloy versus brass. January 29, 2018. First off, yes brass is an alloy, so this title is technically inaccurate. But that's the way the world refers to these things, so that's what we're using here Wheelsmith Brass Spoke Nipples 50 Bag From $6.30 SAVE 10 %. MSRP $7.00 (22) Award Winner. Dt Swiss Prolock Spoke Nipples From $27.99 (6) Award Winner. Sapim Alloy Polyax Nipples $40.00 Dt Swiss 16mm Spoke Nipples From $12.39 (1) Award Winner

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Welcome. Hoss Active Sports Group, LLC is wholesale business to business. To use our website, you must first register with us below. Upon registration approval, you will have full access to our website Remove the axle from a wheel so that it is not rideable. Mark a spoke as a reference spoke and measure this one spoke. Write the date of the measurement directly on the rim. This same spoke can be used to double check the original calibration. If the tool is reading different than this reference spoke, the spring tension can be changed Sapim CX-Ray Silver Spokes Set as light as a titanium spoke. The CX-Ray still receives the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mould to form its specific profile Spoke tensiometer Advantages and features: each tensiometer is calibrated for all Sapim aftermarket spokes, no guessing anymore; a large measure gauge, easy to read; pre-adjustable marks: checking whether tension is within (your) tolerances; wide range from 40 kgf to 200 kgf; metal stick for testing included, allows to check the status of the. Many cyclists have been successful thanks to Sapim spokes: big teams like Lotto, Quick.Step, Discovery Channel, T-Mobile and Rabobank use Sapim spokes in their wheels. Sapim is on a quest to find the perfect spoke and works with the universities of Leuven and Ghent, spending countless hours researching ways to improve its product

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Custom cut black Sapim spokes, straight 13 gauge. We only recommend using 13g spokes for rebuilds of existing hub motors that have rims already drilled out for the larger 13g nipples. Otherwise you should almost always use the butted 13-14g spokes which Sapim alloy nipples in 14mm in silver, black, gold, green, red, blue and purple for £23/pack of 100 nipples Sapim hexagonal nipples are available in 12mm for £6/pack of 100 nipples Sapim spoke washers are available for £0.05/washer Sapim oval and round washers are available for £0.05/washer ACI 16mm brass nipples are available for £0.05. Wheel & Spoke. The world's most recognizable and finest wheel and spoke tools. Quality makes a difference. BSH-4 Bladed Spoke Holder. ND-1 Nipple Driver. SBC-1 Spoke, Bearing, and Cotter Gauge. SW-0 Spoke Wrench. SW-1 Spoke Wrench. SW-2 Spoke Wrench. SW-3 Spoke Wrench. SW-5 Spoke Wrench. SW-7.2 Triple Spoke Wrench. SW-9. Sapim's butted spokes have two big advantages: less weight, more stability! The lightest steel spoke ever built. The Super Spoke was specially developed for lightweight wheels. Sapim's new technologies have made it possible to reduce the diameter of the spoke while increasing its strength and fatigue resistance. features: Length: 160 - 305m

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An easy to use spoke length calculator with a large amount of hubs and rims in its database UBI's spoke calculator calculates spoke lengths for ONE SIDE of the wheel at a time. To calculate spoke lengths for the second side of the wheel, re-enter data fields for: Hub Flange Diameter, Hub Center to Flange Center, and Cross Pattern. Then click Calculate again. This will produce accurate spoke lengths for the second side Sapim 2.0mm - 14 Gauge x 14mm Blue, Gold, Green or Red Alloy Polyax Spoke Nippl Spokes shares tips from TAC for motorbike, scooter and off-road riders about licences, motorcycles, safety gear and riding skills, plus guides for buying bikes and motorbike clothes - SAPIM SPOKE CX RAY J-BEND BLACK - The CX-Ray still receives one of the best results in fatigue testing of any spoke. Its unique strength and flexibility make the CX-Ray suitable for most bicycle disciplines. The middle section of the spoke is drawn then pressed in a special mold to form its specific profile. CX-Ray spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes around the world

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spoke sapim, Find Quality spoke sapim and Buy spoke sapim from Reliable Global spoke sapim Suppliers from mobile site on m.alibaba.com. Search Products. 898 spoke sapim products below Spoke Carbon Spoke Wheels CL High Stiffness Carbon Fiber 25mm Width 50mm Aero Spoke. Below is a list of trusted online calculators that you can use to check against this one and help confirm your selected spoke lengths. Wheelpro United Bicycle Institute DT Swiss Sapim Spokes Edd (Damon Rinard's SpoCalc.xls Poetry in Motion Cycles is York's only custom Wheel builder and restorer and one of the UK's leading custom wheel building and supplying Sapim custom cut spokes to wheel builders all over the UK. With extensive experience in building wheels for electric bikes, recumbent, classic, track, road, and the infamous 36er (see below), if you need any. Race is the most popular double butted spoke Sapim produces. The Race provides a better shock absorption thanks to its thin middle section than non butted spokes. Dealers say about this traditional spoke: Never change a winning team . . . 14G 2,0 - 1,8 - 2,0 mm (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 358 g Quality: Stainless Strength on middle section: 1350 N/mm

Superb range of Giant Wheels at GiantBikeSpares.com. * Christmas Last Shipping * Any instock orders placed before midnight Weds 23rd will be shipped before Christmas. We are closed from 2pm 24th Dec until Mon 4th Jan 2021 Calculateur de rayons. Cet outil de niveau professionnel vous permet de calculer rapidement et facilement le poids de votre roue et les longueurs de rayons correctes

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Sapim Laser Spoke, Black. $0.93 ($0.93 excl VAT) each. Length: 86 items in stock + Add to cart - Superlight black spokes for all applications. 2mm ends for strength with 1.5mm middle section for elasticity and lightness. Weight : 4.3 grams per spoke (260 mm) Fatigue test / wheel revolutions : 1.250.000. Sapim draws wire in such way that no change in molecular material structure occurs. The spoke does not twist much when it is built into a wheel. Aerodynamic, elliptical spokes, such as the Sapim CX-Ray spoke, are best fitted with a special CX-Ray key. This will prevent the spokes from twisting during lacing and centring

Spoke nipple sizes; Spoke wire gauge spoke size nipple size usage Park tools Topeak tools 14 or 15: 2.0 mm (14g) or 1.8 mm (15g) 3.23 mm (0.127 in) DT Swiss, Sapim and Wheelsmith nipple In the 90s, Sapim, a Belgian spoke maker, also got a foothold in the US largely due to the introduction of the CX Ray spoke - a thinly bladed aero spoke that fits through a conventional spoke hole. CX Ray spokes are now the choice of most quality US wheel makers because they are extremely light and strong Product information SAPIM D-Light spoke The short 2mm section of the d-Light reduces weight especially on the threaded side. The 2mm section starts just at the beginning of the thread. Therefore, the rotating masses at the end of the spoke are especially reduced. This brings benefits to both the acceleration and braKillHill qualities of the. Consumer version of the spoke wrench required to true Reynolds internal nipples on wheels 2005 and newer. Tweet; You may also like. Your product's name. $19.99. Your product's name. $19.99. Your product's name. $19.99. Your product's name. $19.99. Newsletter. Subscribe to be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and latest arrivals. Go

Re: I've Had Enough of Sapim Race Spoke Breakage « Reply #13 on: May 04, 2015, 09:08:05 PM » As I mentioned earlier, I did get a new set of Force spokes from Sapim, which are slightly thicker (2.2mm) at the hub than the Race (2.0mm) Hand built DT Swiss 240 BOOST hub (New Ratchet 36) + Sapim CX-Ray spoke custom mtb carbon wheels, come with special designed CARBONAL XC / Trail / Enduro carbon MTB rims, which are lighter, wider and more vertically compliant without compromising strength or reliability, well-balanced the stiff and lightweight

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Extralite Plus Hub + Sapim Cx-ray Spoke Custom Mtb Carbon Wheels , Find Complete Details about Extralite Plus Hub + Sapim Cx-ray Spoke Custom Mtb Carbon Wheels,Chinese High End 29er,Wheelset Hookless Plus,Carbon Wheel Mtb 650b Am from Bicycle Wheel Supplier or Manufacturer-Xiamen Carbonal Composite Technology Co., Ltd Sapim Race Spoke. $0.58 ($0.58 excl VAT) each. Length: 86 items in stock + Add to cart - Superior quality double butted spokes. 2mm/1.8mm/2mm Fatigue test / wheel revolutions : 980.000 Strength on middle section : 1350N/sqmm Nipples (included): polyax 12 mm work well with awkward spoke angles.. Ryde makes high quality bicycle rims for OEM and consumers. Innovating the rim is our mission

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